Rotating Tower Platform Game

Sun, Oct 27, 2013

Last month I started a prototype for a platform game that took place on a rotating tower. Then life happened and I got busy and it was stuck on the back burner.

But it was in a good enough state to publish the source and let you play now:

Nebulus (a.k.a Tower Toppler)

If you’ve been around long enough you might have played Nebulus on the c64 (I think it was called ‘Tower Toppler’ on other platforms). It pushed the limits of what the c64 could do graphically, but it was also a great game to play with challenging level design.

This demo isn’t intended to be a clone of Nebulus, merely ‘inspired by’, and obviously has a lot of differences, many of which are simply because I won’t have the time to finish this prototype.


Here are a couple more caveats to admit:


At its heart, its really just a slightly more complex version of my earlier tiny platformer, with some changes:

The biggest changes are in the renderer and the collision detection.

I hope to get some time later this week to write up some in-depth articles about those topics:

In the mean time, you can…