Sprite Factory 1.4.2

Wed, Feb 29, 2012

I have released a minor update to the sprite-factory ruby gem.

This version adds 2 small features:

Suppressing comments

You can now specify --nocomments to the sf script (or :nocomments => true in ruby) in order to suppress the comments that sprite-factory adds to the generated stylesheet.

NOTE: if you already minify your css then you probably dont need this

Support for images in sub-folders

Previous versions assumed that all images lived in a single folder with unique filenames, and the original file name was used as the CSS class to show the correct background sprite image, as shown here:

<img src='s.gif' class='high'>         <!-- e.g. filename was high.png   -->
<img src='s.gif' class='medium'>       <!-- e.g. filename was medium.png -->
<img src='s.gif' class='low'>          <!-- e.g. filename was low.png    -->

This is still true, and is the normal use case, but with v1.4.2 you can now (optionally) include images in sub-folders, for which the relative path name will be used for the CSS class to show that image in HTML:

<img src='s.gif' class='other_high'>   <!-- e.g. filename was other/high.png   -->
<img src='s.gif' class='other_medium'> <!-- e.g. filename was other/medium.png -->
<img src='s.gif' class='other_low'>    <!-- e.g. filename was other/low.png    -->

This also resolves github issue #11 - ‘sprite factory assumes unique basenames are used’


As usual, installation is just a gem away:

$ gem install sprite-factory

And detailed instructions can be found in the README.

Let me know if you have any problems/feedback.