Sprite Factory 1.2.0 Released

Sun, May 8, 2011

Announcing the v1.2.0 release of the sprite-factory gem.

It has all the features of the original release, plus a new layout option :packed which allows you to generate an optimized packed square image instead of just horizontal or vertical strips.

You can see the difference between this horizontal strip:

and this packed square:

You can use the new option from the command line:

$ sf icons/avatars --layout packed

Or when using the ruby library directly:

  require 'sprite_factory'

  SpriteFactory.run!('icons/avatars', :layout => :packed)

Finding the optimal packing square for arbitrary sized images is a non trivial problem called bin packing. You can learn more about how the sprite-factory bin packing algorithm works here and find an interactive javascript demo here

Let me know if you have any problems/feedback.